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Frequently Asked Questions

InCare FAQs

Should I get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
The providers at InCare are recommending that all patients receive the vaccine.
How soon can I get in to see a provider?
We are happy to offer same-week appointments in most cases
What is InCare’s cancellation policy?
A phone call within 24 hours of your appointment is required for cancellation. If we do not receive a phone call, it will be counted as a “no show”. After two “no show” appointments, you will be allowed to make a same-day appointment only. You may go back to scheduling ahead of time after a year of no missed appointments. We appreciate your attention to this, as it impacts the ability to provide care to other patients.
How can I get a message to my Provider?
Patients may send a secure message through the patient portal, or by calling the office at 978-254-4983.
How can I get a prescription refill?
Prescriptions can be refilled by calling the office Monday through Friday, from 8 am-4 pm.
What if I have an emergency after hours, or on weekends?
If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911. If you are feeling unwell, please proceed to your local emergency room.
How do I get a prescription refill?

Patients may send a secure message through the patient portal.

Our Clinic Accepts the following Insurance Carriers
  • Boston Medical Center/BMC Health Net (BMC)
  • United Health Care (UHC)
  • Always Health Partners (My Care Family, Neiborhood Health Plan is always)
  • Masshealth (Medicaid, MH Limited, Partners Health, Steward Health Choice, Network Health)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • Tufts Public Heath Plan(Network Health)
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
  • Unicare
  • Aetna
  • Medicare
  • Veterans Affair
  • Optum VACCN
  • NH Medicaid
  • Well Sense Health Plan NH
  • Anthem BCBS
  • Senior Whole Health
  • Fallon
  • Humana
  • New Hampshire Healthy Families
  • Health Plan Inc
  • UMR
  • Navicare(Fallon)

Better Health Care is Our Mission

We are focused on the delivery of patient care and improving operations within the healthcare system, while providing quality care to all patients. We are a team of highly qualified healthcare providers with a commitment to quality care.