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We are dedicated to providing exceptional care

We work closely with patients, primary care physicians, and our client organizations, to add value in the healthcare system, and to provide high quality care to all patients.

We attract highly qualified healthcare providers who share our values and commitment to quality care.

For Patients: Our Promise

We are a team of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine Specialists who work to provide the best treatment plans for our patients. Improving quality of life for our patients is our main focus.

In every interaction you have with our Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine practice, we want you to feel respected, be treated with kindness, and get high-quality and timely care. You can trust our providers are highly trained, competent, and with compassionate bedside manners. 

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Sleep Medicine Solutions

Unhealthy sleep and sleep deprivation are linked to heart disease, depression, obesity and lower life expectancy. Seventy million people suffer from chronic, severe sleep disorders in the United States alone. These include difficulties sleeping at night, problems with excessive daytime sleepiness, or other medical problems that may occur or be exacerbated during sleep. 

We have board certified sleep specialists who will work to improve coordination of care among the various specialties involved in treating patients with sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, parasomnias, restless legs syndrome, and other sleep issues.  

“I would like to say that my recent appointment was a very pleasant experience: I was very impressed by the office staff. They assisted me with all the paperwork that was needed. 

My Doctor explained all of my concerns in a way that was easy to understand, and I found that very comforting. I am very impressed with InCare and I am looking forward to my next appointment!”


Albert Morris


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Treating Patients and Serving Hospitals:

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InCare provides healthcare solutions and consulting services that are designed to improve patient care delivery and healthcare systems operations. Lean healthcare and providing the highest quality of care for all patients is what we strive for.

We work closely with our client organizations with the goal of adding value to their systems. We listen to our customers and adapt our strategy to meet their needs. We are privileged to be able to attract highly qualified healthcare providers who share our values and commitment to quality patient care.

 “Your office and especially your physicians have been accommodating and I have received many compliments from my patients about the care they have received at your office”


Dr. Leo Lane


Better Healthcare is Our Mission

We are focused on the delivery of patient care and improving operations within the healthcare system, while providing quality care to all patients. We are a team of highly qualified healthcare providers with a commitment to quality care.

COVID-19 Notice

At InCare, we are taking measures to keep you safe during the pandemic. All of our staff are self-monitoring for any symptoms of the virus. Our waiting room is frequently wiped down during the day, and all patient exam rooms are disinfected between patients. All patients coming to the office must wear a mask, and observe social distancing in the waiting room.

Please help us to keep everyone safe by calling the office before your appointment if you have a fever, shortness of breath, body aches, or headache. We will be happy to schedule a telehealth visit for you.